Let Us Cater Your Graduation Party 

Let Us Cater Your Graduation Party 

Graduation season is a time of year that can be very stressful for people. Whether it’s grade school or high school or college graduations we are talking about, there are a variety of moving parts to be attended to. Many of those moving parts can be stressful decisions that need to be made. Don’t let the food at your graduation party be one of those stressful decisions. Not when Fresh Works Holme is just a call away. 

Let us cater your graduation party. No matter what size party you are having, Fresh Works Holme has you covered.  

If you’re having a smaller party with just a few people, stop in for couple of hoagies and cheesesteaks. We have plenty of sides and starters to assemble a truly mouthwatering meal for everyone in attendance. We even have a variety of dessert options so you don’t even need to look elsewhere for that!  

Are you having a larger party with lots of people? Fresh Wrorks Holme’s catering is unmatched for any size party. We have a diverse range of platters to choose from, but our recommendation is always to go with a variety! Pair the Mix & Match Hoagie Tray with the Hot Roast Pork Platter or the Cheesesteak Tray and the Wrap Tray to give people options. Customize the food to your taste and it’s almost like you are the caterer (only, you don’t have to actually make any of the food). Whichever way you want to go is awesome to us, but don’t forget to add on The Big Salad Tray and/or the Fried Appetizer Trays to make it a full meal. Top it all off with our insanely delicious Cookie Trays and you might have trouble getting people to actually leave your party.  

So, instead of wasting your time checking ten different places for food that you’re not sure your partygoers will even care about, come to Fresh Works Holme. That way you can be sure that everyone will be talking about how incredible the food was at your child’s party. 

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