Our Story

not just another cheesesteak joint

It all started with 3 Lifelong Philly friends who happen to be cheesesteak/hoagie experts!

The Fresh Works Holme Circle is owned and operated by three lifelong Philly friends that grew up working together in the neighborhood cheesesteak and hoagie shop in Mayfair! They shared a love for finding the best choice cuts of beef for chopped steaks and freshest cold cuts for hoagies on fresh baked in-house warm rolls and all things Philly sports. GO BIRDS!

The best cheesesteak starts with the roll!

It’s true, you can find a lot of good sandwiches in Philly. But for a sandwich to be great, it all starts with the roll. What makes The Fresh Works Holme Circle’s Cheesesteaks and Hoagies stand out is the Fresh baked in-house Baguette rolls. Many other shops use the standard Italian roll, which is often stale from being frozen and reheated. Our warm rolls deliver just the right amount of crunch and taste to compliment our choice beef and cold cuts. Order your favorite Cheeseteak for delivery in Holme Circle 19152 or Mayfair 19136 and find out for yourself what makes our cheesesteak a cut above the rest. 

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