With School Already Starting for Teachers, Let Us Cater

The beginning of the school year means a lot of things. Schedules get busier while days seem to somehow get shorter. Activities and events also ramp up once the calendar turns from August to September. It’s hard enough on your own. If you have a family to account for, schedules can get downright ridiculous. Add to it that the Phillies are marching toward another Red October and the Eagles are in the early stages of what we all hope to be a memorable season and time seems to get committed to things before you even realize it. For one particular profession, it also means summer break has come to an end. With school already starting for teachers, let us cater.  

Fresh Works Holme has everything you need for any occasion. Forget to take the chicken out of the freezer before work and need a quick dinner? We got you covered. Your turn to host the family for the Birds game this weekend but no time to cook? Look no further! Simply feeling overwhelmed and can’t handle figuring out dinner as well? We’ve all been there. One quick call to Fresh Works Holme and one big chore is taken care of.  

Think of us like your personal chef.  

Whether you need a single sandwich, or a full spread for dozens of people, Fresh Works Holme can handle it. Let us do the heavy lifting all while making you look like a genius for trusting us with your meal plans. Our menu is chock full of hot and cold sandwiches, wraps, and sides. Mix and match our trays to make sure all your bases are covered for a bigger party or dinner. And don’t forget, we also have salads and desserts, too!  

If you are a teacher — or any school administrator, really — stop by Fresh Works Holme on your way home from school to check off one of the thousand things filling up your ever-expanding To-Do List today.  

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